Atari is launching a Mini Pong Jr. game console


Atari has long been praised as one of the products to define the early age of gaming. Since then, we’ve seen gaming evolve into a utopia of adventure, graphics and story. With XBOX and PlayStation next gen consoles being released this holiday season, Atari is making a statement of its own. In collaboration with UNIS and Arcade1Up, Atari is launching a Mini Pong Jr. game console.

The Game Console

The Atari Mini Pong Jr. game Console from above

This classic feeling, table top designed arcade game is a portable version of its ancestor, the original Atari Pong arcade game. According to PC MAG the console is about 30 cm long and features a 7.9 inch LCD screen. You’ll control the paddle using two dials; one on each side of the screen for some two player action. As for the solo players, don’t worry, Atari has equipped it with ten levels of AI for those who want to play casually or for those who are Pong veterans.

Release Date

In a statement from Atari CEO, Fred Chesnais, he said “Available soon online, the Atari Mini PONG Jr. is the perfect gift for Atari fans and collectors interested in experiencing the simple-yet-challenging gameplay of PONG in a tangible, more immersive way.”

While we do not yet know how much the Atari Pong Jr console will cost or the exact release date, we do know its scheduled to be in-time for the holidays. Also, later today, October 21, there will be a virtual UNIS Showcase 2020 event at 11:30 a.m. PST / 2:30 p.m. EST where I’m sure we will find out more info.

Stay tuned! We’ll keep this post updated as we learn more about: Atari launching a Mini Pong Jr. game console.

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