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It seems that more Pokemon merchandise is soon to hit stores worldwide. As if we don’t have enough already. The Pokemon Company International and the Wand Company entered into a collaboration. Interestingly, the collaboration was fruitful because it produced the first ever high quality pokeball replica series.

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Amy Sachtleben, the director of licensing at The Pokémon Company International noted that “The Poké Ball is an iconic part of the Pokémon franchise, and we are thrilled to work with The Wand Company to re-create the Poké Ball as a high-quality collectible for our fans.”

What does the new licensed Pokeball Replica Series mean for gamers?

The novel licensed Pokeball series allows players to try their own Pokeball, great ball, ultra ball, or premier ball.

Also noteworthy is the fact the Pokémon Company have announced that the licensed replica Poké Balls have been available for pre-order since the 30th November, 2020, with their release set for February, 2021.

Features of the Pokemon Replica

The Poké Balls are “Equipped with proximity-sensing technology”. This means that when you come close to the Pokeball Replica, the button glows. It also “changes the light color or starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence.” each time you press the button.

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The Poké Ball replica can also perform other colourful displays as well. In short, this replica is just about the closest, most authentic thing you’ll get to a real life pokeball. Although, we must warn you, this isn’t like the ones you see in the toy store. If you throw this thing, it will break so just a fair warning.

The Projected Cost of Pokeball Replica

The Pokeball replica costs about $100-$120 which has likely got you wincing right now. However, when you take into account the sheer craftmanship and work that’s gone into creating these replicas. You begin to see the reasoning behind the price point.

You can pre-order these collectibles on Amazon, Big Bad Toy Store , Sideshow and many other approved retail stores. Shipping begins in 2021. So get ready to catch ’em all in the new year!

Do you look forward to the electronic pokeball version? Tell us what you think about this new innovation via the comment section. Did you enjoy our article? Get more gaming news and updates via our piece on the Capcom Massive Data Breach.

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