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Ever since CD Projekt Red managed to stun the gaming landscape with their incredible 2015 Game Of The Year winner, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the studio has been hard at work aiming to create their next gaming juggernaut. However, in this instance, the Polish studio would not rely on an already established IP to win the favour of the gaming community. Instead, they would take inspiration from Mike Pondsmith’s Cyberpunk series with the overall goal of creating a futuristic metropolis filled with nuance, intrigue and unique stories that the studio has been known for. We are of course referring to the much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. 

Ever since the announcement that CD Projekt Red would be following up their Witcher success with another AAA game, many of us have been wondering what we can expect from this title. There has been a number of appearances at gaming expos from the studio, gameplay demos to watch online and various details drip-fed to us, not to mention some very controversial leaks during in house conferences. Yet despite all this, we still don’t truly know what to expect from this game with the release date fast approaching. So with this in mind, we thought it would be best to give you a rundown on everything we know so far so you can piece the puzzle together and make an informed decision whether this game is the one for you. Here is everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 so far. 

What is Cyberpunk 2077? 

Before we delve into what lore and story info we have about this upcoming release, perhaps it’s best to try and understand what the term cyberpunk means and where it originated. For those unaware, cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction set within a futuristic, dystopian society that puts a lot of focus on cybernetics, advanced technologies and scientific pursuits above all else. This genre would come to be through writers such as John Brunner, Harlan Ellison and many more aiming to capture the impact of drugs and the war on drugs in a sci-fi setting and if we do say so ourselves, they did so with aplomb. 

The most relevant and instantly recognisable pieces of media representing the cyberpunk genre would be the like of Bladerunner 2049, The Matrix or Judge Dredd to name a few. However, within gaming, Cyberpunk 2077 is perhaps the first game to truly embrace the cyberpunk genre since the likes of Deux Ex: Human Revolution, offering a platform for the genre and aiming to take inspiration from all the great sci-fi writers of old. 

Speaking of which, Cyberpunk 2077 is not a completely new idea by any means and has actually been around for quite a long time. Mike Pondsmith would release a tabletop board game titled ‘Cyberpunk 2020’ which would include a book similar to a Dungeons and Dragons-style format where each player would be given the tools to explore this futuristic alternate reality and truly immerse themselves in this sci-fi world. This tabletop board game would play a huge role in creating the foundations for CD Projekt Red to begin creating this title from the ground up. 

Welcome To Night City

Now that you have a grasp on how Cyberpunk 2077 came to be, it’s time now to understand more about the world and its inhabitants. As you play through Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll be exploring the vast and neon heavy Night City. This is an area where the cultural divide between the rich and the power is palpable, with the wealthy living life in the towering skyscrapers of the city while poor tough it out to make ends meet on the street level. The aesthetic is very much a Tokyo on acid sort of feel with an abundance of neon signs, a huge Asian influence in most areas and areas bustling with people around every corner. 

This city is split into six segments which are Watson, the sector that your character calls home, Santo Domingo, Westbrook, The Orbital Air Space Centre, Heywood and the City Centre. Each area has a very distinct look and feel, varied cultures and a cavalcade of landmarks and interesting locations just begging to be explored. 

Who Am I in Cyberpunk 2077? 

Many games in the mainstream at the moment like to put the player on rails and have them assume control of a character that is made specifically for them before they even touch the game. However, with Cyberpunk 2077 this couldn’t be further from the truth. The game really wants to encourage emergent gameplay above all else with no one player’s playthrough being identical to one another. The game aims to do this through a number of interesting features, the first of note being the character creation system. 

Not only is this character creation system one of the most comprehensive and detailed systems ever produced in gaming history, but it is also a system that represents all demographics of the player base and makes it possible for anyone to create a character that they can relate to. Personification and projecting one’s self onto a core character is so important within RPG games such as this and it’s fantastic that the developers have put so much focus on this aspect of the game.

To give scope as to the level of customisation on offer within this character creation system, you will be able to customise your voice no matter what your desired gender to sound more masculine or feminine, you’ll be able to adapt body proportions to accurately represent curves in all the right places. Plus, you’ll even be able to customise your genitals too which sounds rather crass but in reality, this allows for trans and none binary players to truly feel one with their created character. It’s an approach that must be commended and hopefully becomes as standard across the gaming landscape. 

Then staying with the theme of emergent gameplay, the player will have access to a number of life paths. These essentially represent the characters background in the world before you picked up the controller and will give the player unique dialogue options, early game perks and even allow the player to have a completely unique beginning to their adventure depending on their choice. Imagine the exact opposite of the Elder Scrolls approach to have you always start as a prisoner. You’ll have a variety of avenues to explore and not only does it allow for more choice as a player, but it also gives this title added replay value. 

What’s The Gameplay Like

Those who have played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will definitely see some similarities between this game and its predecessor. For example, when navigating the streets of Night City you will have access to a personal vehicle with a GPS system, making it akin to Geralt’s horse Roach who would appear to the the sound of a whistle. Plus, if you’re familiar with the UI and HUD for the Witcher then you will feel very much at home when playing this title. You will have access to skill trees, perks and other menus that feel as intuitive and easy to navigate as those in the Witcher. Aside from this though, the game is very much its own beast. 

Let’s begin with combat. Within this game, you will have access to a plethora of weapons ranging from common to legendary varieties. Some come with their own unique traits but the most important thing to remember is that every weapon will fall into one of three categories. First, there are power weapons. These guns are heavy-duty rifles that can spray bullets rapidly and cut enemies down to size fast if you catch them out in the open. Then secondly we have the tech weapon class which renders enemy cover useless as these rail guns blast through it with ease. Then lastly we have arguably the most interesting class of the three, the smart weapons class. These weapons tag enemies and fire around cover and structures much like a heat-seeking missile, offering a variety of tactical advantages in gunfights. 

Cyberpunk Gameplay

However, if guns and bullets aren’t your style you can also build a character that is more suited for melee combat too. You’ll have access to a variety of melee weapons perfect for the job such as trusty switchblades, swords, shurikens and even a chainsaw if you don’t mind things getting a little messy. 

Weapons are fun to use and handy if you need to get yourself out of a tricky situation but it’s not the only way to solve a problem in this title. You’ll have the ability to sneak around enemies, talk adversaries down from a fight and there are hacking mechanics in place that may take care of a problem for you without having to get your cybernetic hands dirty. The developers have even confirmed that it is possible to do a completely non-lethal playthrough thanks to a lot of the weaponry having a non-lethal setting. Meaning that if your morals won’t let you go on a murdering spree, this game has you covered. 

Putting The Cyber In Cyberpunk 

It wouldn’t be a cyberpunk universe without cybernetic enhancements and thankfully, this title has them in abundance. The player will be able to equip a series of technological upgrades to their character which will make them more adept at sneaking, hacking, getting around the map or simply see the player become a one-man killing machine with an arsenal of weapons built into their person. For example, you can equip mantis blades which are gruesome blades that protrude from your characters forearms, iron lungs that allow you to run around at speed for an inordinate amount of time. Or perhaps you’d prefer gorilla hands that grant you a boost in strength and your melee proficiency. There is a wealth of cyberware to choose from. If you want a more extensive look, here is a comprehensive list of all the cyber ware perks and items we are aware of so far.  

You won’t have to go it alone

The game will also have online multiplayer functionality, a fact that has been officially confirmed by CD Projekt Red. These functions will not be available right out of the blocks though. The game will launch all of its DLC content before this multiplayer mode will reveal itself in full. This approach to keep this multiplayer option as a secondary concern is a smart one from the CD Projekt Red team, considering the number of games who have been critically panned before release for not focusing on their single-player friendly aspects. Games such as Fallout 76 and Marvel’s Avengers spring to mind. Many believe that this multiplayer will take an approach similar to GTA Online, offering an MMO experience entirely separate from the core gameplay. 

What’s The Deal With Keanu? 

As I’m sure most of you know, Keanu Reeves, the actor best known for his roles in The Matrix and John Wick has been heavily linked to this project. He has stood on stage at E3 2019 and gave a full presentation for this title, he has been the subject to countless ‘you’re breath-taking’ memes in the process and he has even been awarded a cameo appearance in the game for his efforts. In Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu Reeves plays the role of Johnny Silverhand, a long-established character that was first seen in the Mike Pondsmith tabletop adventure. Now, fans of said board game may be thinking, didn’t the game kill off this character? Well, yes you would be right. In this game, Johnny is a digital ghost and Manifests himself in a chip that your character has inside their head. The reason why this is or the relevance this has to the story is yet to be seen but we can say with some confidence that it isn’t a coincidence. 

Keanu isn’t the only well-known face set to grace the Cyberpunk universe. In fact, there are several confirmed stars set to lend their likeness to the project. Most notably we have creator Mike Pondsmith set to make an appearance, Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes is also set to play the pop star frontwoman of ‘Lizzy Wizzy and the Metadwarves. Plus, although this is not confirmed, it is rumoured that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima will be popping up somewhere in Night City too. So when you get your hands on this title, be sure to keep your eyes peeled. 

So that’s our rundown on everything we know so far about Cyberpunk 2077! What aspect of this game are you most excited about? Do you think this title will be better than it’s predecessor, The Witcher 3:  Wild Hunt? Do you think that this title will live up to the hype? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading!


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