Divinity: Original Sin 2 – MacOS Port


While it’s been out for over a year now, we’re just getting to play it for the first time and it is absolutely amazing.

Let’s face it, gaming has never really been a huge topic when referring to doing it on OS, and Apple’s hardware over the past years has catered more to business and creatives. With that being said, their new line of products featuring Radeon Pro 5300+ has been really refreshing for those of us who are some work and a lot of play.

For those of you who don’t know, Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DoS2) is a fantasy world RPG with a turn based, modern tactic style battle system. Its vast world is complete with, what feels like, an unlimited number of NPC’s to talk to and hundreds of skills.

DoS2 has been a breath of fresh air on MacOS. The port offers all of the same features as the original console release and more. The game feels right at home on Mac. Its playable on almost any laptop or desktop released after 2016 and looks great on a mac mini with an eGPU set up.

The only downside to it is the older systems such as our 2013 Mac Pro couldn’t play the game due to its lack of AVX2 Instructions; Even though on the app store when viewing the game it says it is compatible with this machine(Mac Pro 2013).

My rating of this game is 9/10.

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