Elder Scrolls Director To Encourage Reactivity in TES6


The Elder scrolls Director, Todd Howard, wants to see more reactivity in Open World Games rather than Greater Scale. He made this known while speaking in an interview published by the Guardian.

In the interview which was conducted by Keza MacDonald, the Elder Scrolls Director, highlighted the fact that he would like to see more reactivity in Open world Games Rather than scale for scale’s sake. According to Todd, “chasing scale for scale’s sake is not always the best goal. The quality of the gaming content and easy access is more important than the game size”.

Who is The Elder Scrolls Director?

The Elder Scrolls Director, Todd Howard, is a renowned video games developer. He is popularly known for his roles in creating The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Starfield. Hence, as a popular game developer, he has made future predictions on how the lay of the land will look in five to ten years time.

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The Elder Scrolls Director noted that it will be more about access than clock cycles. He went further to note that

The kind of games we make are ones that people are going to sit down and play for hours at a time. If you can access a game more easily, and no matter what device you’re on or where you are, that’s what I think the next five to 10 years in gaming is about. I’d like to see more reactivity in game worlds, more systems clashing together that players can express themselves with. I think chasing scale for scale’s sake is not always the best goal.”

As most open world Games in recent years are really massive with a small percentage actually meaningful in how they interact with players. Let’s hope that this trend will shift going forward.

A Sneak Peek into Starfield

The projection of The Elder Scrolls Director gives us a sneak peek of what to expect in Starfield as well as the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI. Starfield is a game that he is currently developing and the release date of Starfield is yet to be announced.

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The Elder Scrolls VI release is still a long time away as it will be worked on after Starfield is completed. Thus, fans should not expect it anytime soon.

Are you a fan of Todd Howard? What do you think about video games in about 5-10 years time? What do you expect to see? Let us know what you think in the comment section. You can also read up on Two High Profile ‘Days Gone’ Developers Leave Sony Bend Studio.

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