Ghost Of Tsushima Multiplayer & New Game Plus Update


In a period where AAA games were few and far between thanks to the global pandemic’s effect on game development, Ghost Of Tsushima was a glimmer of hope in the darkness. Released in close proximity to The Last Of Us Part II, this game would provide incredible oriental vistas, a refined combat system and a story that would captivate its audience as they played through this samurai-inspired adventure. However, it seems that the excitement is not over as Sucker Punch is set to give players another helping of content. Ghost Of Tsushima Multiplayer & New Game Plus Update.

Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer

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This update will be officially called Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends and will allow the player to take on the story with up to three other players in a co-op mode. This mode will come with its own unique missions, classes and cosmetic items for the player to explore. Plus, the developers have promised that the game will get a ‘Raid’ which will play similarly to games such as Monster Hunter World, Destiny or World Of Warcraft, allowing the player to take on puzzle based dungeons which will undoubtedly house a hulking opponent to take on. The raid is set to release a few weeks after the launch of the update.

As aforementioned, the update grants the player to play as different classes of warrior which Sucker Punch have announced. These will be the Samurai, Assassin, Ronin and Hunter classes, each with their own strengths, abilities and weaknesses.

ghost of tsushima multiplayer

The missions added to this game mode will include four-player survival missions which will have you fight off waves of enemies until you are the last ones standing. Then you’ll also have access to new two-player story-based missions that will offer more narrative around the supernatural nature of this game. It’s great to see that these additions will not only add more longevity to the gameplay but also offer more exposition for fans of this universe.

A New [game] Challenge

G;host of Tsushima new game plus

This update will also offer players who found the initial offerings of this game too easy a new challenge. A new game plus feature will be included that will allow the player to continue where they left off in the last playthrough with the same gear and experience as before. But with harder-hitting enemies acting as a counterbalance. Sadly though, you’ll have to play the game through from the beginning to access this as this mode will not honour save files before the update.

Return of the Samurai

After some time away we expect to see a great number of players returning to this title to see just what the update has to offer. Whether the draw of a harder story mode, the chance to play with your friends or more content, Ghost Of Tsushima has it all ready for you. This update is free for all owners of the original title and launches on the 16/10/2020 so sharpen your katana and get ready for more ninja warrior action.

So that’s our news on Ghost Of Tsushima Multiplayer & New Game Plus Update. What are you most excited for in this update? Will you be teaming up with pals for the co-op mode? Do you think that this game lived up to its potential? Let us know in the comments and as always, thanks for reading.


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