Halo Infinite expected to release in Spring 2021


The news is out, so gear up as Halo Infinite is launching this spring 2021. However, the confirmation of a solid release date is still not here. This was perhaps in relation to the release date being delayed. The previous date of release was with Xbox Series X last month in November.

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The main actor of the game has recently sat down for an interview. The same actor that has played Master Chief since Halo 4. He said that the game would be ready to go for next spring.

Why was the reason for Halo Infinite release delay?

It’s understandable that the developers would want to delay the project in order to make any final tweaks. After all, this is a major gaming franchise and the fans have high expectations. Of course, Covid-19 has been another factor in creating this delay but we are glad to hear that the team have overcame this challenge.

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The initial date of release as was set for November. However, the official Twitter page of the game @Halo announced that 2021 was much more likely due to the recent global events.

What Do We Know About The Release?

With so little information available on the game, we can only speculate about things. However, we did try to get some information for you.

According to our links, a Halo insider said that the work on the game development has wrapped up. The 343 industries are just adding some final polish to the title.

According to Microsoft’s Vice President of Gaming Phil Spencer, there is a chance that the game’s campaign and multiplayer modes might launch separately. It’s a technique which other big franchises are trying to follow.

Is there any good news about Halo Infinite?

The good news is that you won’t have to pay anything to access Halo Infinite’s multiplayer because it will be launching as a free-to-play standalone game.

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So far, it is going to be a cross-gen game, launching for the PC, Series, X and series S.

Moreover, it will be available as one day Xbox Game Pass title. So that you won’t have to pay anything upfront to access the game at launch

What Do We Know So Far?

343 industries, after a lot of controversy and media criticism, have unveiled the new customization system of Halo Infinite.

According to this, the game will restrict the player to only combining present colours, textures, patterns to customize their character’s armour.

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However, this too faced criticism, as you have to pay for the limited customization options just to drive microtransactions sales.


Overall, the game has familiarity with the verdant environments and weapons on display. Along with all this, the vehicles present in the game also are well equipped and modern. You will be able to explore different parts of the game through the in-map function.

It will help you in tackling different missions, and there are both day and night features in the game.

In short, the game will be out in spring 2021, so you can gear for the latest version. The date is still not sure, but the speculations say spring is the season for the release.

So that’s our rundown on Halo Infinite and its upcoming release. What do you make of the news? Are you going to play this one on launch day? How do you think this will rank amongst its predecessors? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other contentnt such as the new batch of PS5’s. Thanks for reading The Great Gamers.


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