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Haven has been one of the most interesting looking co-op games, especially this year, and this game falls into the genre of sci-fi romance. The Game Bakers developed the game, and it can now be played on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox.

However, we wanted to find out if this intriguing concept would translate in practice. So here is our review of Haven.

Gameplay and Storyline

It is a title that takes an RPG approach, based on the relationship of two protagonists Yu and Kay. The two characters try to make a living on a strange and seemingly inhabited planet called Source.

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Players can enjoy moments of everyday life as a relatable couple while cooking meals, crafting, and collecting precious resources so that they are able to make it to the next day.

Moreover, during all these events, they have to fight against those trying to tear them apart through combat. Players will have to fight and control both characters to ensure that they do not fall apart and are alive after every mission.

Superb Game Setting

The game has adopted a visual novel style to tell the story, and players can view the ongoing conversation from the screen. The whole place is quiet, and there is an undemanding peace in scenes when both the characters are relaxing.

Its interesting atmosphere is quite impressive, and players can use hover boats to weave through the interconnected zones. However, players can notice that the wider and the more open areas have the most fun and give them the chance to explore more.

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Players can also view the areas such as steep cliffs and deep chasms around which they are moving, and they can navigate different places according to the regions shown on the map.

Survival Mechanics

Haven comes with different missions and tasks, and it has light survival mechanics, which means the players have to support their characters in finding anything they could eat to survive. Moreover, players can cook meals at any place they want in the game, and they have complete control over their characters.

Apart from this, the players need to keep track of opponents and their movements so that they can act accordingly. However, players will see that when the character’s powers combine, they can damage the wildlife present in the game.

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But it depends on the players how they want to move in the game. Moreover, players can welcome the accessibility options through which they can focus on lowering the risks of the planet’s disgruntled wildlife.

The Verdict

Score: 7/10

Like any other game, Haven has its ups and downs; however, the soundtrack of the game will never disappoint you. Moreover, it supports local co-op, and a second player can join the game anytime and can take control of any of the characters.

Additionally, the game is best if played at night with your significant other. However, I would suggest not playing with your friends or family as the game has romantic vibes throughout. Overall, it is a touching love story, and it displays a healthy adult relationship, and couples can play together to experience that in a game.

So that’s our review of Haven. What did you think of this one? Will you be picking up this game of the back of our review? Do you think this is the best indie on next gen consoles so far? Let us know in the comments. Plus, if you want more reviews, check out our review of Watchdogs Legion. Thanks for reading The Great Gamers

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