P.T. Won’t Be Coming To The PS5


If you were around throughout the last generation of gaming, you may be aware of P.T. or ‘playable teaser’ which would act as a short demo introducing fans to Silent Hills, a reboot that would aim to reignite the Silent Hill franchise and restore it to its former glory. However, thanks to the break down in the relationship between Hideo Kojima and Konami, this project would be scrapped and Kojima would move onto another project which would turn out to be Death Stranding.

While this news would prove to be a knife in the heart of all Silent Hill fans out there, there was still a positive to take away from the whole experience in the form of P.T. This may have only been a demo used as a vehicle to announce Silent Hills, however, thanks to the incredible minds of Hideo Kojima and horror extraordinaire Guillermo Del Toro. What would be left behind from this whole experience would be a horror experience that was short, sweet and arguably one of the best of the generation.

P.T Won’t Be Coming To The PS5

When the news broke that the working relationship between Kojima and Konami had reached its messy conclusion, it meant that P.T. was stripped from the marketplace and those that never downloaded the demo were unable to access the incredible horror showcase. However, for those lucky few who had downloaded and installed this game onto their PS4 before this, it meant that P.T. would remain part of their collection so long as they never deleted it from their library of downloaded games.

So with the dawn of the next generation of gaming fast approaching, many fans with a copy on their PS4 wondered, will P.T. carry over to the PS5. Well, we are sad to say that the spooky and tense experience will remain exclusive to the PS4 as it will not making its way to the next generation of gaming.

This was confirmed via an email sent to Gamesradar from Konami themselves stating that P.T. would remain on the PS4 and would not be accessible through the PS5’s backward functionality.

A Game for the Vault

While it is disappointing that P.T. will be left behind when the newest set of consoles arrive this November, you cannot deny that this game will be remembered fondly as perhaps the most impactful demo in gaming history. We predict that many fans will continue to make recreations of this game as they have done through Half Life: Alyx and Dreams already. This may be the end for P.T. but we can only hope that we will see a revival for the Silent Hill franchise sometime in the future.

So that’s our news regarding P.T and the PS5’s backwards compatibility. What do you think will happen to the Silent Hill series in the future? What do you expect from Hideo Kojima next? Which game do you hope gets added to the list of PS5 backwards compatibility accessible games? Let us know in the comments and as always, thank you for reading.

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