Pokemon Sword/Shield: The Perfect Game to Get Back Into Gaming With


Pokemon Sword/Shield is, arguably, the best game to get back into gaming with. Twenty years ago I was playing Pokemon Yellow on Gameboy Color. At the time I knew I liked games, but I also lacked the patience and skill to play all the way through. Since then I had deemed myself, “bad at gaming” and hadn’t really touched a controller since.

After the release of Pokemon Sword/Shield, I watched as my partner played through Sword with his custom character. The graphics of the game caught my attention and I was excited to see some of the original Pokemon in their updated style.

The beginning of the game teaches you everything you need to know before embarking on your journey. I was even pleased to find out that the Pokemon center hadn’t changed. Everything from the nurse behind the counter, to the sounds the Pokeballs make when they heal felt nostalgic of the old Pokemon games.

Unlike other online RPG games Pokemon Sword/Shield is a play at your own pace kind of game. The story of the game is very linear, which makes the game play easier to approach as a beginner.

Pokemon also doesn’t require any button combinations, timed decision making or action style combat so it’s super easy for beginners to grasp. The turn based battle style also gives beginners time to think about moves and strategy.

This game was both a new and nostalgic experience for me. As someone returning to the world of gaming, I highly recommend Pokemon to new gamers as well as passive gamers.

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