Pre-ordering PS5. Everything we know so far!


With Playstation 5 coming out on November 12th, pre-ordering is nearly impossible.

After a year plus of waiting, the Playstation 5 pre-order opened up this morning but they were sold out in less than 60 seconds after opening on websites of multiple retailers.

On Wednesday, Sony announced it’s PS5 release date, of November 12th, and pricing, starting at $399 with the promise that it’ll be available for pre-order the next day. While Sony held up on their end of the deal, there’s still a shortage of preorders that are available to the public.

Because of the shortage Ebay has already seen posts of up to $25,000 for a console and thousands of pre-orders sold on Ebay according to IGN’s Janet Garcia.

During our time camping out on Gamestop we received a message saying we were “blocked” by the retailer. Though at first, this was scary to see it was just their website’s reaction to being overloaded with requests. As a result of the overload we could not get a pre-order.

Even though it seems grim, we will continue to camp out and keep you guys updated on our search but here are some resources for you guys!

Where to Pre-order a PS5?

While we can’t order it for you we can give you all the locations we’ve been checking to get our very own pre-order. Sadly, Sony’s preorder is closed and was only available to select gamers but no worries; we’ve got you covered!

AmazonStandard EditionDigital Edition
GamestopStandard EditionDigital Edition
Best BuyStandard EditionDigital Edition
TargetStandard EditionDigital Edition
B&HStandard EditionDigital Edition
WalmartStandard EditionDigital Edition
Sam’s ClubStandard Edition

We’ll keep updating this post to keep you guys informed!

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