PS Plus & PS Now – A Strong Line Up For October


PS Plus hasn’t always had the best reputation amongst Playstation owners down the years. The service has been critically panned for its poor connection speeds, a game library that is lacking in quality and overall, is a service that simply can’t compete with the Xbox Game Pass. Sony has admitted that they can’t compete with the Game Pass business model, stating that it isn’t financially viable. However, it seems that Sony is aiming to step their game up by adding some great titles to the PS Plus Roster this month.

What’s New On PS Plus?

Firstly, players who subscribe to PlayStation Plus will gain access to two great titles this month. For all you speed demons out there who love putting the pedal to the metal, PS Plus is gifting you the fantastic Need For Speed: Payback. This is perhaps not the most coveted entry in the long line of Need For Speed titles. However, it still offers players more than enough high octane, fast-paced racing action to warrant a play. Especially since it’s free.

Though, if racing isn’t your thing you’ll also have access to a dark and gritty vampire-themed RPG. Vampyr sees you take control of Dr Johnathan Reid as he comes to terms with his new curse and fights to keep his former life together as you navigate the streets of London.

Both these games are free for PS Plus customers. However, if you have a PS Now subscription, you’ll also be able to play these excellent titles, so no need to panic.

What’s New On PS Now?

PS Now doesn’t always deliver batches of fantastic titles, but when they do its pretty special. This time is no different with subscribers having access to some incredible titles. The biggest games joining the roster this month are Days Gone, Medievil, Friday the 13th, Trine 4, Rad and The Nightmare Prince.

The most impressive of the bunch is the zombie-filled world of Day’s Gone. You take control of Deacon, a survivor of the outbreak as he attempts to navigate the broken state of Oregon and find his wife who he was separated from two years beforehand. You’ll have plenty of weapons at hand to take out the hordes of ‘freakers’ that will come for you and you only have one option. Survive.

At the low cost of 7.99 per month for the privilege of playing some of the best PS4 exclusive titles, you would be a fool to miss out. So be sure to sign up to PS Now and jump into some of these excellent titles!

That’s our rundown of what’s new on PS Plus and PS Now for October. What do you think of the line up for this month? What do you think has been the strongest month so far this year? Do you think PS Now will ever be able to match the quality of Game Pass? Let us know in the comments and as always, thank you for reading.

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