PS5 Stock Set To Go Live at Walmart Tonight


If you’ve been following the dawn of next-gen gaming, you’ll know that it’s in full swing and being part of the first wave of ninth gen gamers is a real luxury. Ever since the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, parents, gamers, technology enthusiasts and just about everyone else has been trying to get their hands on these elusive consoles. However, thanks to this unprecedented demand, supply has been low and led to consoles being sold out worldwide in the lead up to the holidays.

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Many would have called it a day and resigned themselves to a return to the console hunt in January. However, it seems that there is still hope of landing one before the festivities. Various outlets have reported that they intend to go live with more stock some time this week. This news comes from retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and a handful of other outlets.

When Does The Stock Go Live?

As much as we would love to tell you when the stock is set to be available, we simply don’t know. All the retailers have been particularly vague about the time of arrival for their inventory. This is likely to avoid congestion and crashes on their site. Many of these respective retailers are stating that Friday is to be the most likely day for the stock to go live. However, no retailer has even hinted at a time of day.

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It seems like the best bet at the moment is Walmart who, according to multiple twitter users, are likely to list new stock in the early hours of 8th December 2020.

How To Ensure You Pick Up A PS5

While there is always the method of being vigilant, following live feeds, refreshing like crazy and hoping you get a chance to buy a console. We have to say, there are better ways to approach this golden opportunity. If you want to ensure you get your hands on a PS5, you need to check out the ‘Walmart Purchase Assistant’, a product sold by Postdigi.

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This service scans the website once a second for the item you desire. Then as soon as one is available for you to purchase. You simply sit back while the software purchases it for you without the hassle of refreshing all night long. It gives you the ability to carry on with your daily routine. Plus, ensures you have to best chance of getting your own PS5 for the holiday period.

This service is sold for a very reasonable price of $29 and at time of writing, is something that you will own forever for that one time price. Therefore if stock for another item runs low in the future, you’ll be prepared. So be sure to check this one out!

So that’s our news about the new PS5 stock coming to a number of major retailers. Have you already got yours? Will you be trying to get one in this batch? Will you be using W.P.A to help you secure one? Let us know in the comments and thank you for reading The Great Gamers.


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