Streamer of the Month: Benny


What makes a great streamer? I’m sure many of us with dreams of being a streamer want to know the answer to this question. Creating content easily becomes a full time job with many overtime hours; and not knowing if people will show up to tune in is nerve wracking. However, there are some people who dedicate it all to the gaming community creating content day in and day out. Today, as our first official Streamer of the Month, we’d like to introduce you to Benny; a top notch Destiny 2 streamer with a top notch set up.

SotM: Benny

Benny is a 22 year old gamer from London who mostly streams Destiny 2 competitive play. He’s a light hearted streamer who is very down to earth and in touch with his community.

The Benny Community

While playing, Benny still makes what he sees in chat a priority; he replies whenever the match isn’t too demanding of his attention. That being said, he gets pretty decent people into his chat who make an effort to ask questions and talk about topics to keep other active viewers entertained as well.

I’ve spent a month in Benny’s and I’m always amazed by the type of love notes people leave in the chat. Here are a few:

I started playind D2 im watching uu makes it a lot easier i used to play a hunter now im a warlock main youre god
Holy shit i like your voice when i watch your stream 
he's got a radio voice for sure
I just wanted to catch some of the stream at least but i do have to get back to work. Doubt you'll still be streaming when I get home, so have a great stream and a good day, Benny.

What amazes me most about Benny’s stream is unlike many of the larger communities, Benny feels like he is there more for the community than money. He consumes time creating youtube videos, learning about the production side of a good stream and keeping up to date on current events in game and out!

Without dropping names, many modern streamers have strayed away from the community aspect. Though Benny doesn’t play with chat outside of raffles as often, his tenacious tendency to make everyone feel heard and at home is worthy of praise. He welcomes viewers of all ages and with good engagement and high quality game play it seemingly takes very effort for him to keep chat entertained.

Our rating of Benny’s stream: 9.2 / 10

While we at The GG love Benny’s content, one factor that lowered Benny’s score from a perfect 10 is that the stream does not offer any extra level of content for subs. When a viewer crosses over from free content to paid “free” content, its good practice to show appreciation by giving something. I know everyone isn’t fortunate enough to sub but do you not reward the ones that create your income? That being said, Benny is definitely one of the greater streamers in the community. Find his stream here! We’ll also be hosting his stream on our site in the sidebar all month long!

Thanks for reading on The Great Gamers. Streamer of the Month: Benny.


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