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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is an upcoming action-adventure shooter game developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

A game from the DC world is on the way, and this game is going to have a team for Villains, not Heroes. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is actually the Sequel to Rocksteady’s Arkham games, where you will take on a team of super villains while the heroes have gone rogue. Let’s get into a more detailed story of the game. 

What is the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League story?

The game is part of the Arkhamverse, which means it is carrying the story of Arkham Knight but takes place Metropolis instead of Gotham. Metropolis is under siege, and the monsters have run amok throughout New Troy. 

Brainiac’s Skull Ship looms large on the horizon, and if the citizens want to see dawn, they would need help from a group of extraordinary beings. This is Amanda Waller’s Task Force X, who is going to be the first, last, and the only line of defense against some of the most powerful threats in the universe.

Characters in the Game

Suicide Squad Kill the justice league game main characters

The game has four characters, and all the four characters seem to be playable for the whole game, at least what has been believed from the trailer and rumours. 

Moreover, according to the speculations that have been made, players would not be forced to choose a single character, and they can switch between the characters throughout the game. The four characters of the game are as follow:

Furthermore, you can add friends, and four people can play the game according to the four characters present in the game.

Unique Movesets of the Characters

The best thing about the game is that every character has their own unique weapons and move-sets. For example, you will get to see the King Shark’s machete type weapons and massive jumps. You will also witness the Deadshot’s guns and jetpack, the bat of Harley Quinn, and the Boomerang of Captain’s Boomerang, who comes with the teleportation ability.

Who are the Actual Villains?

super man with laser eyes

According to the trailer that has been revealed and some of the leaked photos circulating on the internet, one of the villains is Superman. 

Basically, the mastermind behind the whole destruction and fight between the Suicide Squad and Justice League is Brainiac, who controls the minds of the Justice League to cause havoc in the city along with other powerful creatures. 

Who is Brainiac?

Brainiac is the colossal skull-shaped ship slap bang right in the middle of Metropolis, and creatures like zombies surround it. 

He is the main creature who is causing damage to the city, and according to the theories proposed, it is also thought that he has control over the minds of Superman and other individuals and making them destroy the city.

Harley Quinn, the protagonist?

Harley quinn holding a bat

Without a doubt, it is Harley Quinn, who would be the one moving around different places in the game and would be handling many tasks. Making Harley Quinn a phenomenal character was because she was one of the stars of the 2016 movie Suicide Squad.

However, the character will not be the iconic Margot Robbie, nor Kayley Cucoo, but Tara Strong. She is an amazing actress with an incredible amount of animated and video game credits to her name. 

Open-World Metropolis Game

comic book image of metropolis city

The game’s main setting is the home city of Superman to give DC fans the look of their own city. Moreover, it is also confirmed that some other locations would also become part of the play along with Metropolis. Just like Gotham City in the Batman Arkham series, Metropolis will bring its own far lighter aesthetics.

Why Justice League is termed as “not heroes”?

The Brainiac is controlling the justice League and other individuals, making them do bad things to the people and the city. 

This is why they are being termed as “not heroes” because they are doing things they are not supposed to do. The reason behind their act is still unknown as the game is not out yet; however, it could be due to mind control, being a clone, or being the victim of some other machination. Superman is actually the main target of the Suicide Squad assigned by Amanda Waller.

Some Odd Speculations

The fans’ best speculation is the return of Joker in Kill the Justice League game. This speculation is odd because Joker was definitively dead at the Arkham Trilogy’s end but never say never. However, the trailer of the game does not show any hints to this speculation.

I’m sure we’ll see this release on PS5 and the new Xbox Series in 2022; however, the trailer is out, which tells a bit of the game’s story. 

Players will be able to play all the four characters, and from the trailers, you can view the different weapons and capabilities of all the characters. Until then, we all can speculate about the game as any new thing can be added to the game.  

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