Two High Profile ‘Days Gone’ Developers Leave Sony Bend Studio


Two high profile “Days Gone” developers have left Sony Bend Studios. John Garvin, the Writer and Director of “Days Gone” alongside Jeff Ross, the Games director for the studio recently announced their departures via their twitter handles.

Quick facts on the Two High Profile “Days Gone” Developers

The two high profile “Days Gone” developers worked with Sony Bend Studio for over a decade. They also contributed to the growth and popularity of Sony Bend Studio especially with regards to their PS4 exclusive title “Days Gone”.

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In his tweet, Jeff Ross through his Twitter handle @JakeRocket wrote:

“This week is my last at @PlayStation and @BendStudio. I’m incredibly proud of all the games I got to make, but also looking forward to new challenges ahead. I’ll post about my plans later, but I’ll be moving to Chicago once COVID calms down. #JeffsGone #DaysGone”.

Sadly, Jeff made no comments about his plans and so it looks like he is embarking on a long break from the gaming community.

On the other hand, it took John Garvin over a year to make his exit from Sony Bend Studio public. He appreciated his fans and colleagues in the Twitter announcement.

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John Garvin wrote and directed games such as Resistance: Retribution and Uncharted Golden Abyss. However, Sony Bend Studio and John himself, is best known for developing the Syphon Filter series and “Days Gone”

What is special about Days Gone?

You remember that “Days Gone” was launched on the 26th day of April, 2019. It is a game set in the Pacific Northwest. It is loaded with brutal encounters and garnished with a compelling story filled with desperation, betrayal and regret. Fans have likened the game to Far Cry 3.

The gameplay featured ‘freakers’, an undead army which the player would have to deal with in their masses. All the while trying to hunt down their lost loved ones and generally just survive. Admittedly, the narrative of this story does feel a little convenient but overall, this game overs some brilliant moments, cementing it as a highlight within Sony’s exclusive library.

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For this reason alone, he hope that each of these talented men return to the gaming industry sooner rather than later. It’s rare that we come across such driven and creative individuals. So here’s hoping we see their names grace the credits of another title very soon.

We wish the two high profile developers all the best in their future endeavors. Did you enjoy “Days Gone”? We also hope that Sony Bend Studio continues to deliver. Meanwhile check out our update on PlayStation Plus Line up -December 2020 for some freebies!

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