What’s leaving Destiny 2: Beyond Light?


In case you weren’t aware, on the 10th November 2020 Destiny 2 is set to get its fifth expansion following on from Curse Of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken and Shadowkeep respectively. This new expansion will add new exotic weapons, bring back old areas from the original installment and even offer a new elemental power to play around with. However, it seems when Bungie giveth, they also taketh away. There will be a number of features that will be removed from the Destiny experience to make way for future content which may be to the displeasure of those that haven’t gotten around to these aspects of the game just yet. However, some changes may be for the better. What’s leaving Destiny 2: Beyond Light?

Planets Being Removed In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Map Pre-Beyond Light

When Beyond Light drops on November 10th we will see some planets being removed from the director. This means that all the quests and activities for these areas will no longer be accessible for players. So if you have some unfinished business on the planets listed below, you better act fast before its too late:

  • Titan
  • IO
  • Mars
  • Mercury

Strikes Being Removed In Destiny 2

Although it has been confirmed that we will be receiving strikes related to the old Russian Cosmodrome once again, we predictably will be losing the strikes related to the planets listed above. Here is a list of all the strikes you’ll need to act fast to complete before they are removed for good:

  • The Festering Core
  • Will of the Thousands
  • Satathun’s Song
  • The Pyramidion
  • Strange Terrain
  • A Garden World
  • Tree of Probabilities

Crucible Maps to be Removed in Destiny 2

The multiplayer death match mode known as the crucible plays host to a number of interesting maps. However, some of these are set to make way for new ones. Unlike the other aspects leaving the game listed above, the crucible mode will still allow players to visit planets no longer present within the main game. So not all maps on retired planets will be removed in the update. Here is a list of what is set to be removed:

  • Solitude
  • Meltdown
  • Retribution
  • Emporer’s Reside
  • Equinox
  • Eternity
  • The Citadel.
  • Vostok
  • Legion’s Gulch
  • Firebase Echo
  • Gambler’s Ruin


With Bungie’s plans to remove the Leviathan spaceship from Destiny 2, it will leave players very limited in terms of raids for the initial period of this expansion. Players will only have access to Garden Of Salvation and Last Wish for the first few weeks of this expansion but will then be treated to a brand new raid on Europa called ‘The Deep Stone Crypt’ located deep under the frozen tundra of Europa. Here is a list of all the raids set to be leaving Destiny 2:

  • Eater of Worlds
  • Lethiathan
  • Crown of Sorrow
  • Spire of Starts
  • Scourge of the past


The gambit and gambit prime mode look set to receive the biggest overhaul of all the assets on offer within Destiny with the mode set to become something new entirely. Destiny community manager Cosmo stated that this mode would become a “single round face off with tweaked blockers, heavier mote drain and some changes to the primaeval fight.” We still don’t know what this means for this game mode but what we do know is that a couple of gambit maps are set to be canned by Bungie. Here is a complete list of these:

  • Cathedral of Scars
  • Kell’s Grave

Exotic Items

Thanks to the removal of so many planet specific raids, strikes, activities and campaigns, some items will simply be unobtainable through their usual means. It seems that Bungie has plans to grant players access to these through a method called the ‘memorial Kiosk’ which we can only assume is a merchant which sells older items from the series. This has not been confirmed or explained in any detail so we don’t know when these items will be available again but here is the list of items making their departure.

  • MIDA Multitool
  • Rat King
  • Sturm
  • Sleeper Stimulant
  • World line zero
  • Polaris Lance
  • Legend of Acrius
  • Jutunn
  • Ace of Spades
  • The Last Word
  • Thorn
  • Lumina
  • Bad Juju
  • Truth
  • Le Monarque

What Else is Leaving Destiny 2?

Along with all listed above, there are a number of campaigns, activities and other assets of the game that are going to be leaving the game altogether as well. Here is a list of all the rest of the content set to be axed:

  • The Red War campaign
  • The Trials of Osiris campaign
  • The Warmind campaign
  • Cinematic on vaulted locations
  • Adventures and patrols on vaulted locations
  • Lost Sectors on vaulted locations
  • The Whisper secret mission
  • The Zero Hour secret mission
  • Mercury’s Forge
  • Escalation Protocol
  • Black Armory quests and weapons
  • Black Armory Forges
  • Reckoning
  • Season of the Drifter Quests
  • Gambit Prime
  • The Menagerie
  • The Tribute Hall
  • Season of Opulence quests

So that is our rundown on all the content set to be removed from Destiny 2 when the Beyond Light expansion drops. How do you feel about the content being removed from the game? What would you have kept of you had the chance? What would you have gotten rid of instead? Let us know in the comments below and as always, thank you for reading.

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