Xbox Open To Master Chief Joining Super Smash Bros Roster


Upon the reveal of the most recent additions to the Super Smash Bros roster coming from Microsoft royalty, Minecraft. There has been a statement made from Xbox France regarding Halo’s leading man, Master Chief.

With the news that Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman would all be making their way to the Nintendo exclusive title as part of the fighter pass 2 DLC, it seems fans are asking how long it will take before we see one of Microsoft’s most prized asset make his way to Smash.

This question was posed by a Twitter user by the handle of @nanoedgames who asked “When will Master Chief be in Super Smash Bros?” This is probably a question that is put to any Xbox media outlet time and time again, however, on this occasion the answer would inspire hope for one of the biggest collaborations in gaming history.

Xbox France would simply reply to this tweet “He’s still waiting for his invitation.” Essentially swinging the door wide open for Nintendo to walk through and negotiate a deal to feature the hero in Smash.

Microsoft and Nintendo Buddying Up

For the longest time, Super Smash Bros seemed like a very exclusive party; having a roster filled to the brim with Nintendo assets and little else. However, in recent years this roster has been bolstered with assets from other platforms. Sega’s Sonic, Konami’s Solid Snake and Square Enix’s Cloud Strife would be the first few to tear down this impenetrable barrier. Since then, a cavalcade of other fighters have joined the party such as Joker from Persona and the iconic Banjo and Kazooie to name a few.

Banjo coming to a Nintendo property is very much a sign of things to come between Microsoft and Nintendo. The companies have been very keen on encouraging cross-platform play between consoles. Plus, the Minecraft deal that would see Steve and the gang enter Smash is one that has been in the works for over five years. Which shows just how dedicated these companies are to each other’s mutual success.

More Shocks To Come?

Within the second volume of Smash’s DLC fighter pass, there are still four more characters to be revealed and there is still a lot of speculation surrounding who these fighters may be. While the last batch would be met with mixed reviews with the Fire Emblem characters being a particular source of frustration. It seems the Minecraft inclusion has sparked a sense of optimism. There has been rumours of Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Crash Bandicoot in line with his recent release and of course, Master Chief himself.

Perhaps we will get more information on the 3rd of October at 3:30 pm when we receive a sneak peek at how Steve and Alex play through a gameplay demo of the two fighting in the game. So keep an eye out and your fingers crossed for more new character announcements.

So that’s our rundown on all the recent Smash drama! Who do you think should be the next smash character announced? Do you think Master Chief would be a good addition to Smash? What are your opinions regarding the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo? Let us know in the comments and as always, thank you for reading.

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